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Our expert Dermatologists & Gynaecology will discuss your queries related to Skin, Sex diseases, Menses Irregularity & Hair Problems & guide you regarding medication and care.

Video Consultation  – Day & Time will be scheduled according to the mutual convenience of our Dermatologists & you, our esteemed patient.

Basic Information related to Video Consultation Sessions

  1. Counselling will be done with Prior appointment, which should be taken at least 1-2 days before the session.
  2. Consultation session slot will be finalized post the payment confirmation from our accounts team.
  3. Online Consultation session duration – 15 min
  4. Consultation Fee for each session – Rs 700 (Payment Details are shared below for your reference)
  5. Sessions will be done through WhatsApp Online call
  6. Before the session, you will need to share your Images and questions related to your skin/hair ailment on WhatsApp of our with our Patient Support Team at +91- 88952 49627 & +91- 96687 18738 .
  7. Images of the area should cover all sides. Images should be in good light with focus. For e.g. image of face should cover left and right side chin, forehead and cheeks. This will help us contextualize the discussion.
  8. Medicines will be prescribed as per the latest Medical Council of India guidelines for Telemedicine  and sent over email and WhatsApp.
  9. Please understand that teleconsultation has its limitations as compared to in-person consultation. Because it is not possible to do detailed physical examination, the teleconsultation process comes with its limitations. The patient agrees with this limitations of teleconsultation. Also because of the inability for detailed physical examination, some medicines cannot be prescribed in a teleconsultation process, as per Government of India – Medical Council of India – latest Guidelines. Some dermatological diseases may require procedural interventions too along with the medicines. It is required by the patient to visit the clinic for the same. In such cases medicines may not be able to give maximum result.

Please fill the form attached or message us on  email and WhatsApp. so that we can guide you about the payment process .